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Our FIRST priority is to FIX YOUR Computer NOT to Sell You a New One.

Our Flat Fee Labor Rate is $79.99

Four Things a Reliable Computer Must Have for
Optimal Performance.

Current Operating System

(You need the most current Operating System that your computer can support.)

8GB of RAM

(This will improve computer performance.)

Solid State Drive

(This will make your computer 10x faster and more reliable.)

Anti-Virus Software

(One that is lightweigh & effective for your PC & MAC. )

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We Have Over 20 years of Experience to Help You with All Your Computer Needs.

“Our goal is to be the most affordable computer service and we guarantee you'll never
be charged anything you haven't agreed to pay in advance.”

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

  • 5 star review  My daughter broke my laptop screen. They were able to repair it for me that week and did it for a great price. Will definitely use them again.

    thumb taft fuller

    5 star review  This place is a really great local business. They are fair, helpful, and give you good advice on managing your computer issues. The customer service is top notch. I will always bring my all of computers here for repair. Thank you!

    thumb Pitt Daddydiesel

    5 star review  Super friendly and helpful. Good price as well. Husband and wife are very knowledgeable. I had a laptop with a failing hard drive. They were able to save everything and replace hard drive no problems. Thanks again.

    thumb Robert Woodruff
  • 5 star review  I generally refer customers that come into my place of business to Computer Hospital, but this time I needed them for my personal laptop. Kevin and Leticia as always exceed expectations and provided me with fast, affordable and HIGH quality service. I will continue to recommend them to my friends, and neighbors and family members.

    thumb Nicholas Tisor

    5 star review  I stopped by today for help setting up an extra screen to work from home. I was very surprised by the level of service given. They are very knowledgeable and will take care of your computer needs at very affordable prices. This was my first visit and I will definitely be a return customer. Highly Recommend! Thanks for taking care of us!

    thumb Troy Olsen

    5 star review  What incredible service they have at this business! They are so quick to help with any computer needs. I have visited the business many times to get various services such as PC tune up, software upgrades, and various computer repairs. I know I can count on them to get me up and running so my business continues to run smoothly. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Grace Foley
  • 5 star review  Phenomenal for me. They were kind and very interested in my specific needs. The price was awesome to install a new solid state hard drive. More important than that--they retrieved all my info off my old hard drive that went out with over 7,000 family pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! I had taken the computer to a large computer company and they said they couldn't and wouldnt fix it --they were too busy-- after I had arranged to bring it in. The Computer Hospital is the type of company that wins my business longterm. Thanks Kevin!!!!

    thumb Kory Neider

    5 star review  Amazing service and amazing team. Thought my fix was going to be more money and they found a cheaper fix. Good honest people at this joint! I will continue to come here in the future?

    thumb J B

    5 star review  I am a disabled United States Marine Veteran, I am currently in the social work program at Salt Lake community college. When I was walking down the stairs to one of my classes, I tripped and my laptop flew out of my hands and onto the floor. I busted the plastic that holds the screen in place. During some down time I found Computer Hospital on google, I read some reviews and gave them a call. After the call I was advised to bring my laptop in, so they could take a look at it. Upon coming in the owner took a quick look at it and knew exactly what we needed to do. I waited for 10 seconds and he came around the front counter with some glue type substance and reattached the magnet that holds the plastic together. The whole process took less then two minutes. I offered to pay the owner for his time and he said "I cant charge you for this". I highly recommend this business. They are very professional, honest, considerate, fair and understanding. They went above and beyond for me. I will be bringing all of my future computer needs to Computer Hospital. I did not even bother with PC laptops or any other local computer repair companies and you should too. Thanks for everything Computer Repair!

    thumb Tyler Watson
  • 5 star review  I've been using an HP laptop for 10 years which I really liked because of its size and setup. Unfortunately the internal fan started making a loud noise and shut down the system. I took the computer to the "Hospital" for the purpose of installing a new fan motor. While this would only have cost less than $100 the "doctor" recommended that I buy an identical model laptop on e bay and they would do a "transplant" of the hard drive. I found a nice used laptop and took it in for the operation. In one day the procedure was done and my new laptop was updated with new software and now works better than new. The operation was a complete success and was done for less than what other companies would have charged just to replace the motor in the old laptop. I would highly recommend this company for emergency surgery on dying equipment!

    thumb Craig Cook

    5 star review  They were so friendly, inexpensive and helpful. I will definitely be using them again for my computer needs.

    thumb Jill West

    5 star review  Local computer business that excels in analysis and repair of your computer without excessive charges. I wouldn't take my computer anywhere else!

    thumb Randle Likes
  • 5 star review  My computer just shut down at the beginning of my workday. Terrifying because I run the business on this one machine. I called Computer Hospital in a rapid fire search for help. Three other companies didn’t call back and two weren’t in their shops when I stopped by them. But Computer Hospital let me come in right away. They diagnosed the bad mother board within a couple hours. They had me fixed and up an running within three hours! I was shocked! When I came in to pick it up I talked with them about my repair and the technician gave me all the time I needed for questions. Their prices are fair. Their service expedient. I bought another laptop from them during this process. They refurbish Mac and pc’s and sell them at great prices. It’s about time I found a good source for these things. I’ve been taken advantage of and ripped off so many times. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Serena Anderson

    5 star review  Great service and knowledge. They have a good selection of great refurbished machines. The price is very good and my computer has never been so fast. This is the only place to go for computer repair.

    thumb Bo Bernardo

    5 star review  I love this place! They help me with all my computer needs. New computers, used computers and laptops and all of our computer repairs or updates. They are awesome!

    thumb Timothy Jackson
  • 5 star review  They are very kind and knowledgeable about computers and repair. After having several issues with a brand new IBuypower computer we got from amazon and spending a fortune just for shipping to send it back to them for repair, (repair free due to warranty, but we have to pay for shipping) I decided bring it to the computer hospital. Within minutes they knew what was wrong and had it fixed in a couple days and the cost was less than shipping it back to IBuypower for free repair. Next time we buy a computer we will go to the computer hospital first.

    thumb Candace GRAY

    5 star review  Kevin and Leticia provide exceptional customer service. While recovering a couple of hard drives, Leticia kept in touch with phone calls and emails to let me know the progress of the recovery. Kevin took the time to email me a link to backup hard drives to purchase. They have been so friendly and most of all, trustworthy. I absolutely will continue to use Computer Hospital for all of my family's computer issues.

    thumb Loni Smith

    5 star review  Great, speedy work. A lifesaver for the busy professional who can't afford technological hiccups.

    thumb Solon Law

Our Warranty

We stand behind our work with a 30-day parts and labor warranty on all used computers and parts; new computers and parts have a 1-year hardware warranty. In the rare event that you have a problem, just bring it back we will give you top priority and go to work to fix the problem fast.

We also sell extended warranties, which covers parts and labor on all computers and parts purchased. We guarantee that if any product has a defect, we will replace it for the warranty period, which begins on the original invoice date. We have the option to either repair or replace the product free of charge. We are not responsible for any loss of software or data on the computer. This warranty does not cover software, external devices, accessories, or other parts added to the system. Any part that is repaired or replaced under this warranty will, itself, be warrantied for the remainder of the warranty period.

What Else Can Computer Hospital Do For You?

Not only can we fix your computer fast. But we can also help you with the following services below!

Free Recycling

Free Recycling

with complete data destruction

Trade in Trade Up

Trade in Trade Up

We Sell computers

Back Up your Files

Stay Protected

One Flat Fee

One Flat Fee

for all service services just $79.99

We have a wide selection of Reconditioned Laptops & Desktop Computers.

Trade-in your broken computer and receive a $25.00 credit!

All reconditioned computers come with a 30-day warranty.

Answers To Some FAQ’s for You.

1.Do I need an appointment?
No, you're welcome to stop by anytime without an appointment. We're open weekdays from 10-6 and Saturday 10-2

2. Do you work on Mac?
Yes, we work on both Mac laptops and iMacs

3. How long will it take to have my computer fixed?
Typically the turnaround time is 24 hours unless we need to order parts. If we need to order parts, we typically get them in 3-5 business days and do the repair within 24 hours of receiving the parts.

4. Do you sell computers?
Yes, we sell mostly refurbished computers and some new and we will also build custom PC's on request.

5. Do your computers come with a warranty?
Yes, we offer a 30-day parts and labor warranty. Extended warranties are available. You can purchase a 6-month warranty for $30 or a 1-year warranty for $60. Accidental damage and software issues are not covered in any warranty.

6. Where do your computers come from?
Most of our computers come from the school system. Because the schools are publicly funded they are required to auction their surplus computers, which is how we are able to keep the prices so affordable. Our higher end computers are open box returns from Best Buy. In either case, we test all the hardware, install new solid state drives, and upgrade the Ram to 8GB so that they are running the best that they can.

7. What anti-virus software do you recommend?
We recommend using an anti-virus software that is doesn't slow your computer down and is effective. Based on our experience, we recommend using Malwarebytes although there are others that are also great options. Having said that, there isn't any one anti-virus software that will keep you protected 100% of the time.

8. How much does it cost to fix a screen?
This answer varies depending on each computer. We charge $80 in labor plus the cost of the screen. Screens can start at approximately $100 and go up from there. For a quote on your specific computer, give us a call with the model number of your computer and we can give you a quote right over the phone. Screens do need to be ordered and typically take 3-5 business days to arrive, however this can vary depending on availability.

9. Do you make house calls?
No. We are able to keep our prices affordable by having you bring your computer to us.

10. What is your warranty on repairs?
We stand behind our work with a 30-day parts and labor warranty (software issues are not covered). In the rare event that you have a problem, just bring your computer back and we will give you top priority and go to work to fix the problem fast.

11. What is included in a tuneup?
We start by running our free diagnostics to ensure that all of the hardware is in good condition. Then we do a deep scan through 8 different software's to remove all viruses and malware from your computer. Then we do all of the windows updates and update all of the drivers. Lastly, we do a defrag on the hard drive. This process typically takes 24-hours depending on the age and speed of your computer.

12. How can I make my computer run faster?
Our number one recommendation for increasing the speed of your computer is to upgrade the hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD), which will improve performance by 10x. We also recommend getting a tune-up on your computer once a year.

Fast Service & Free Diagnosis

We are open Monday - Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
No appointment necessary, located in Sandy at 8721 South State Street.

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Our first priority is to FIX YOUR Computer NOT to Sell You a New One.

Our Flat Fee Labor Rate is $79.99

(Our flat fee labor will cover any single service on your computer, additional services just $39.99 ea
We'll let you know right up front of any additional cost. You’ll NEVER be charged for anything you didn’t agree to.)

Free Diagnostics Data Transfer Tune Up / Virus Removal
Operating System Fix OS Install Password Reset
Parts Installation and Configuration Operating System Installation Hardware Upgrades
Data Backup Software Upgrades Data Recovery
DC Charger Jack replacement Laptop Screen Replacement Broken Case / Hinges
Recovery Image (Full working backup) Water Damage Keyboard / Touchpad Replacement
Computers & Electronics Recycling Battery Replacement Fan Replacement

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