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Computer Screen Replacement

We warranty our laptop screens and workmanship for a complete year.

We Replace Laptop Screens For Less

If your laptop screen is broken and needs to be replaced, we simply add the cost of the screen to our flat labor fee $79.99. We do not charge for a quote or to look at your computer.  If you don’t like the quote we just give your computer back at no charge.

Next Day Repairs

For software-related problems we are typically able to complete the repair the next business day. 

Screen replacements usually take 3-5 business days for the new screen to be shipped in.  Once we have the screen and we have your computer before 4:00 PM, we can generally have the computer ready by 6:00 PM.


We stand behind our work with a 7-day parts and labor warranty for any service, computer or part we sell. In the rare event that you have a problem, just bring it back we will give you top priority and fix the problem fast.

We offer extended warranties in 3-month and 6-month terms, which covers parts and labor on all computer and part purchases. We guarantee that all product(s) are free of any defect in material or workmanship for the purchased warranty period which begins on the original invoice date. We have the option to either repair or replace the product free of charge. We are not responsible for any loss of software or data on the computer. This warranty does not cover software, external devices, accessories or other parts added to the system. Any part that is repaired or replaced under this warranty will, itself, be warrantied for the remainder of the warranty period.


Our “NO RISK” Policy

We believe our clients have the right to know the cost and risk before they are put into a position of having to pay.  For this reason, we do not require our customers to pay upfront for our labor.

Our attitude is that a customer should only have to pay for what they have agreed to in advance. This also covers the rare situation where an additional problem is found while working on the computer.  If the additional problem would require additional funds, to repair, our customers have the right to either accept the updated price or decline.

Fast Repairs, Free Diagnosis

Come in anytime Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 2pm for a free computer diagnosis. No appointment necessary.