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We warranty our laptop screens for a complete year.

Unfortunately, broken laptop screens are a common occurrence. It’s hard to attend Zoom meetings, watch movies or play games with a cracked screen. Maybe you dropped your laptop, closed an object inside it or the crack randomly appeared one day seemingly out of nowhere — regardless, cracks will have you looking into laptop repair.

At Computer Hospital in Sandy, Utah, we do laptop screen repair for our flat labor rate of $130.00 plus the cost of the screen. Screens come at different price points depending on the type of laptop you have. Give us a call and we can give you a quote right over the phone.

Computer Screen Repair Services provided by Computer Hospital in Sandy, Utah
Next Day Repair Services provided by Computer Hospital in Sandy, Utah


Next-day services available

For software-related problems, we are typically able to complete the service the next business day. 

Laptop screen repairs usually take three to five days because we must order the new screen and wait for it to arrive. Once we have the screen in hand, if we have your computer by noon, we can usually have it ready by 6 p.m. the same day. Because it can be hard to be without your laptop, some customers take their laptops back home to use until we notify them that their screen is in.


No-risk payment policy

We believe our clients have the right to know the cost and risk before they are put into a position of having to pay.  For this reason, we do not require our customers to pay upfront for our labor.

If you want to know how much your laptop screen repair will cost ahead of time, we will give you a free estimate. The cost of laptop screens starts at about $100. Especially if you have an old laptop, you may want to put your money toward the cost of a new one rather than fixing the old one.

Our attitude is that a customer should only have to pay for what they have agreed to in advance. This also covers the rare situation where an additional problem is found while working on the computer.  If the additional problem would require additional funds, to service, our customers have the right to either accept the updated price or decline.

No-Risk Payment Options provided by Computer Hospital in Sandy, Utah
"Great customer service, good hours, and best of all good prices. Many computer repair stores take advantage of people who don't know much about computers, but computer hospital does not. Would recommend to both computer experts as well as less knowledgeable folks."

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