Operating System Reinstalls

With a new O/S, the computer should run as good as the day purchased and any viruses or problems are guaranteed to be gone.

$79.99 Flat Fee to Reinstall Operating system

In many situations, the reinstallation of your computers operating system (OS) is not only the best way to fix your computer problems but may even be the only way. The OS literally contains millions of lines of code that instructs your computer what to do whenever a task is assigned.  If the task requires a line of code that is missing or damaged, the computer literally does not know what to do next and may freeze up or display a blue screen of death.

What to Expect During an OS Reinstall

When the new O/S is installed, everything previously on the computers hard drive is wiped off and lost.  This means that all personal data and software programs that have been added since purchase will be lost.

To prevent the loss of personal data such as pictures, documents, music, and videos, many people will have already backed up their personal data on external hard disk drives.  For those that haven't, we can back up all the personal data and transfer back to the computer after the reinstall has been completed for $39.99, just half the price of your first service.

If the loss of a program is a concern, this might be a good reason to see if a Tune-up might be a better option.


TuneUps vs Reinstalls

Since a reinstall of the computers operating system is always better for the performance of the computer, the question is when would you ever want to do a TuneUp since they both cost the same.  The answer is; when you stand to lose programs that would be difficult for you to put back or if it would just be too much of a pain to set your computer up again to how you like it.  

The beauty of the TuneUp is that nothing changes with your computer except viruses are removed and the computer is optimized.  Programs, settings, data, and everything else remains just as you left them.

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