Best Computer Repair in Sandy, Utah

Your computer holds all your most important information, so when it’s giving you trouble, it’s not only annoying — it can be scary too. The team at Computer Hospital wants you to know that we’re here for you when you need computer repair. We have the skill to fix most any computer problem, and we do it quickly. That’s why we’re Sandy, Utah’s, top computer repair shop.

Computer Maintenance Is Important

Like with any electronic equipment or item with moving parts, your computer needs maintenance. At minimum, we urge our clients to update their computers regularly, but it’s also important to scan for viruses. Tune-ups from Computer Hospital help your computer run faster and more efficiently, and they also help prevent major problems down the road.

But as techs in the computer repair business for 20-plus years, we know a lot of people don’t do computer maintenance. That’s not the only reason you’re having problems with your computer, but it’s a big one.

Common Computer Problems

Our customers come into our computer repair shop in Sandy with many of the same issues:

Computer is slow

Blue screen of death

Screen is frozen

Computer is making a weird noise

Computer won’t turn on

In the same way you may put off a visit to the doctor until you are too sick to work, many computer owners won’t bring their computer in until it stops working. They may put up with a slow internet or a weird noise until it becomes a serious issue.

Computer Repair Shop in Sandy

While we hope you don’t need us often for computer repair, we want you to know that we’re here when you do. Choose Sandy’s most reliable computer repair shop: Computer Hospital.

Modern multimedia desktop PC.

Dependable Computer Repair

Depending on the age of your computer and the nature of the problem you’re having, our techs are usually able to fix your problem. We do Mac repair, PC repair and laptop repair — all brands, makes and models — and we can complete most repairs in 24 hours.

Our job is computer repair, but as educated techs, we know that sometimes computers cannot be resurrected. At other times, they can be resurrected, but they really shouldn’t be. Then we recommend that you replace your computer.

If you love a bargain, our computer repair shop stocks a variety of reconditioned computers. We get most of these computers from Utah public school system auctions. We carefully inspect each one, update it and upgrade the RAM so they are all in top shape for new owners.

Laptop Screen Repair

We also do laptop screen repair for all types of laptops. Some screen cracks are small or not bothersome, but at other times, your whole screen is distorted. This makes it impossible to work, attend meetings or classes, watch movies or play games.

Our laptop screen repairs take, on average, three to five days because we must first order your screen. Once we get it, we make the repair right away.


Fast Service, Free Diagnosis

Come in anytime Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 2pm for a free computer or Laptop diagnosis. No appointment necessary, located in Sandy Utah.