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A flat fee of just $79.99

Streamline your computer's performance

Get your computer back in shape without changing any programs, data, or files.

Getting a Tune-up will remove viruses & malware, update your drivers, install all operating system updates, and does a defrag on your hard drive. Simply put, getting a tuneup on your computer will make your computer run better. A Tune-up is our flat fee of $130.00 and is generally done the next business day. A Tune-up helps clean out the unwanted buildup of garbage that has slowly accumulated over months of use. 

Tune-up and diagnostic services provided by Computer Hospital in Sandy, Utah
Virus protection provided by Computer Hospital in Sandy, Utah


Protect your computer against virus threats

Every computer should have an anti-virus software installed. Your anti-virus software should continually scan your computer and call your attention to threats for you to address. As important as having anti-virus software is, however, it is not 100% effective against preventing computer viruses.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if your computer has a virus. Your computer may run slowly, shut down spontaneously, refuse to run some programs, prevent you from getting online or you may experience other issues. At other times, a virus may be quietly stealing or deleting your data without you even noticing. That’s why it’s important to get regular tune-ups at our computer repair shop in Sandy, Utah.

While you can find DIY solutions online for getting rid of computer viruses, these do not always work. Rely on the experienced team at Computer Hospital for PC repair and laptop repair when your computer has a virus.

Which is better for you?

Tuneups vs reinstalls

Computer tuneup

A Tune-up will get your computer back in shape without changing any programs, data, or files. During a tune-up, our techs remove viruses and malware, check hardware, update the Operating System and drivers, and defrag the hard drive. But sometimes a tune-up isn’t enough to fix your computer’s issues.

OS reinstall

Reinstalls wipe all the data from your hard drive, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost — we can put it on an external hard drive for you and reload it onto your new operating system. A reinstall makes your computer faster and more efficient; however, some customers avoid them because they can affect your settings and your programs.

"I went into Computer hospital with not much hope. My Mac is 10 years old! My plan was let them run the free diagnostics, and then save up to replace it in a month or two. Was I surprised! In 30 minutes, they doubled the RAM for a song. And, when Kevin (the technician) discovered that my computer would need 2 new sticks of RAM instead of one, he ate the cost! They are super nice, and they really care for their customers. If you have a slow computer, bring it in for a free diagnostic check. They are no pressure and so inexpensive. I'm very happy."

Fast service, free diagnosis

No appointment needed

Come in anytime Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm or Saturday 10am – 2pm for a free diagnosis.