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Want Your Computer to Run Faster?

Getting a Tune-up will remove viruses & malware, update your drivers, install all Windows updates, and does a defrag on your hard drive. Simply put, getting a tuneup on your computer will make your computer run faster. A Tune-up is our flat fee of $79.99 and is generally done the next business day.

Streamline Your Computer's Performance

A Tune-up helps clean out the unwanted buildup of garbage that has slowly accumulated over months of use. A Tune-up will get your computer back in shape without changing any programs, data, or files.

Remove Operating System Viruses

The main target of malicious software is to attack and change your operating system (Windows).  This makes the removal of the malicious software particularly difficult because the virus removal software typically runs by using the infected Windows operating system.  This is why remote virus removal services rarely work. 

When you bring your computer to us, we can run your computer with an alternative operating system outside of Windows. This gives us the ability to use an uninfected operating system to scan your infected Windows operating system and remove viruses that otherwise would not be able to be removed if the infected windows system was running.


TuneUps vs Reinstalls

Both cost the same, so it strictly depends on your situation. From only an operational perspective, the installation of a new operating system will always be the best.

With a reinstall, in effect everything on the computer is wiped clean or deleted, and then the newly installed system will put everything back to factory defaults.  We can put back your data back on your computer

A Tune-up can not guarantee the same performance as a Reinstall, but with a Tune-up all of you settings, programs, and data will remain exactly the same.  Your computer will be the same except running faster.

Fast Repairs, Free Diagnosis

Come in anytime Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 2pm for a free computer diagnosis. No appointment necessary.